Terms and Conditions


When you purchase a voucher in the shop you will receive an order confirmation email. This is your voucher.

The vendor will have a copy of the email and will be able to match the order number to confirm validity.

You must also check the Ts&Cs notes on the offer page.

If you purchase goods from a member then your contract is between you and the seller. Squealadeal Ltd cannot enter into disputes between parties.


Website Adverts

£30 setup fee must be paid prior to the promotion being created and is not refundable.

The balance becomes payable when the promotion is approved and live.

Advertisers agree to allow us to use any images from clients Facebook pages and Websites unless preferred images are provided.

Clients are responsible for ensuring their promotions are factual and current. 

Booklet Adverts

As several clients depend on the successful print and delivery of each booklet, we must take full payment up front to cover third party expenses (design, print, delivery) which is not refundable. 

Clients who withdraw will be issued with credit notes which can be used in future issues of the booklet or in alternative advertising opportunities wit Squealadeal Ltd.

Distribution dates are suggested and approximate. There are a number of reasons why publication and distribution can be held up out with the control of Squealadeal as we work with third parties and weather and cancelations can also have effect.

No refunds will be made for late distribution. Amendments can be made to offers and competition dates to keep them valid. We will compensate by means of discounted or even free advertising in future issues when publication and or delivery is held up longer than two weeks.


Squealadeal Ltd acts as an agent for Hungrrr. All food delivery system contracts are between Hungrrr and the client.


"Offers", are offers made by clients of Squealadeal Ltd to consumers who visit www.squealadeal.co.uk.

There is no contract or intention to create legal relations between Squealadeal Ltd and consumers.

"Offers" are subject to Advertisers terms and conditions and any disputes will be settled between advertisers and respondents.

Squealadeal will not enter into disputes between clients and visitors who respond to their promotions.

Clients will be fully responsible for the content and accuracy of their promotions. They will be able to view and approve their promotion before it is published.

Clients must take responsibility for keeping information current. Any discrepancies will be between the client and consumer.


Visitors who register for Squealadeal updates will automatically be entered into all prize draws controlled by Squealadeal.

We reserve the right to publish names and home towns of winners.

Competitions within advertisers  promotions are the responsibility of the advertiser and Squealadeal will not participate in any disputes which may arise from participation.

Relatives and employees of squealadeal.co.uk may not participate in any competitions controlled by Squealadeal Ltd, but may enter any competitions run by clients.

Client/advertisers sponsored competitions will have Ts & Cs included in the promotion. All correspondence relating to client/advertisers competitions should be addressed to the promotor. Squealadeal Ltd cannot act as an adjudicator or become involved in any disputes which may arise.

Squealadeal Ltd will not share your data with any third parties.

Hole Sponsorship at AGI

Squealadeal acts as an agent to promote hole sponsorship at Adventure Golf Island. 

We will errect a basic display at the hole of your choice.

You may embelish this display at your cost subject to the content being acceptable to A.G.I. management.

You must provide any leaflets for the display leaflet holders and AGI staff will ensure the display is stocked up.

Cashback App

Squealadeal promotes cashbackAPP as we believe it is a fantastic resource for our visitors. 

We have been allocated a code for our visitors to use so that you can access the platform and enjoy the benefits.

All Ts & Cs will be on the cashbackAPP website and any correspondence will be between you and cashbackAPP. Squealadeal has no authority to discuss cashbackAPP issues.

Charity Donations

Charities must be registered.

25% of the promotion fee (excluding the setup fee) will be paid to any registered charity requested by advertisers who we have directly contacted.

50% of the promotion fee (excluding the setup fee) will be paid to any registered charity requested by an advertiser who is generated as a lead by the charity and contacts us directly.

Donations will be forwarded to the allotted charities by BACS payment by the end of the calendar month when payment is received from the advertiser.